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We Change Lives.  Right Here.  In Kendall County

Hill Country Family Services is attacking the root cause of crisis for children and families. Food and clothing – while sometimes critical – are merely Band-Aids. HCFS is the only agency that wholly addresses mental health, physical health, financial wellness and points of trauma. We must attend to the entirety of the challenge to attain the highest probability for our clients to attain independence and stability. 

That’s what we do for the 1,600+ Kendall County residents we serve each month. 

Dignity. Compassion. Respect. Effectiveness. Heart. Business Efficiency.

That’s your Hill Country Family Services.  


Jamie Cox, Chief Executive Officer

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We need your help. Over the past two years, HCFS has become the leading professional organization focused on the holistic wellness of residents of Boerne and Kendall County. It is only through the incredible generosity of fa
milies and companies in the area that we are able to function as a nonprofit center of excellence, which provides care for all residents of our area, regardless of faith, race, country of origin or gender.  All donations are tax deductible!

Please help us provide mental healthcare and food to our community:


Feeds 1 Family for a Week $25 Funds 1 Hour of Mental Healthcare
$80 Feeds 1 Family for a Month $1,000 Funds 40 Hours of Mental Healthcare
$960 Feeds 1 Family for a Year $2,500 Funds 100 Hours of Mental Healthcare
$1,440 Feeds 3 Families for 6 Months


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